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29 Aug 2019
Dundas Castle

How To Unlock DJI Drone Close To an Airport

Married In The Summer

With our drones ready to fly we got down to business and captured some fantastic footage of the couples day. We did have one panic moment when the B&G moved to the keep early requiring us to fly within a few minutes notice. With a quick call to Edinburgh ATC and unpacking the Mavic 2 Pro we were up in the air in under three minutes – Incredible!

Last year we covered drone aerials for a wedding close to Edinburgh airport. At the time all that was required was to acknowledge the risk of flying inside Class D airspace by clicking the check box. Drone rules updated in late 2018 extended the ATZ areas around most UK airports. Checking our venue against the new geo zones in 2019 via the NATS Drone Assist App we found we were now inside and unable to fly a DJI drone without strict authorisation.

As UK PFCO holders we knew this could be unlocked in a three part process. The most difficult part for weather dependent drone operations is picking a day up to 72 hrs in advance. Since it was a set wedding date we would be there regardless of the weather so we began the process.

Step 1: ATC Permission

Not all UK airports and aerodromes are created equal. A simple call to Edinburgh airport confirmed we needed to file our intention to fly within the edge of the ATZ. We needed to submit the date, positions, height and area we intended to fly with Luckily there was no charge for this. UK PFCO’s pay enough already! Three days later we received our approval shown bellow:

ATC Permission for Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) in Edinburgh Airport Restricted Airspace

In accordance with Article 94B of the Air Navigation Order, ATC permission is granted for SUA operation at Dundas Castle with the following conditions:

1. This permission applies to SUAs are flown in accordance with Air Navigation Order.

2. This permission is granted for SUA flown by Sky Tech Ltd (CAA PfCO 3848).

4.1  Maximum operating height is 400ft AGL

4.2  SUA operations must be contained within boundaries of Dundas Castle and Golf Course.

4.3 SUA must be flown in direct line of sight of the pilot or in first person view (FPV). FPV flights require a competent observer.

5.1 The SUA operator must provide Edinburgh Airport ATC with not less 15 minutes notice prior to the commencement of the each flying period.

5.2 The SUA operator must will advise Edinburgh Airport ATC that flying has ceased at the end of each flying period.

SUA Request – Dundas Castle 02 Aug 19 Chart showing Dundas Castle boundary

5.3 Contact number for Edinburgh Airport ATC is 0131 333 6234.

The SUA operator must provide Edinburgh Airport ATC with a contact number for use if ATC

require SUA operations to stop immediately:


The SUA operator must confirm the instruction by replying “DRONE STOP ACKNOWLEDGED” and cease flying as soon as safely possible. The pilot must wait at least 30 minutes before requesting resumption of flying.


In the event that loss of control leads to an SUA flying towards Edinburgh Airport, the SUA operator must IMMEDIATELY inform Edinburgh Airport ATC on 0131 333 6234:


This permission is valid on 2nd August 2019.

9.1 This permission may be withdrawn by Edinburgh Airport ATC for safety reasons

without notice.

9.2 This permission may be cancelled by Edinburgh Airport ATC for other reasons

following discussion with the SUA operator. 10. SHARING OF INFORMATION

It is a condition of this permission that the SUA operator agrees to Air Navigation Solutions Ltd

sharing of this permission with Police Scotland and Edinburgh Airport Ltd. 11. LIAISON WITH POLICE SCOTLAND

It is the SUA operator’s responsibility to ensure that the SUA operation complies with all applicable laws, not just the Air Navigation Order. SUA operators are advised to independently inform Police Scotland of their planned activity.

Please confirm receipt and agreement by reply.

Yours Tony

Tony Kirkbright

Tower Operations Manager Edinburgh

Step 2: DJI Fly Safe Authorisation

The next step was to unlock our two DJI drones, the Inspire 2 and Mavic 2 Pro. To do this we submitted our information and SUA approval document on the dji flysafe website. Before we started we also needed the serial numbers of our drones. We received approval within an hour.

Step 3: Geo Unlock

Finally each aircraft needs to be powered on and DJI Go opened. Going into general settings > Unlock. After syncronising the approved location should show and can be unlocked with the toggle button.

23 Oct 2018
525 Ferry Road, Aerial Photo

Aerial Property Marketing Video

525 Ferry Road Marketing Video from Skytech Aerial on Vimeo.

We were approached in early October to create a commercial property marketing video for 525 Ferry Road Edinburgh containing drone footage of the building. This was a unique challenge being close to ferry road and a site with open pedestrian access. Our first thoughts were an OSC (Operational Safety Case) operator would be required. A enhanced level of PFCO operations involving anything from major road closures, policing and ballistic parachutes on the drone.

The client did not want to spend time and money closing the road to get the most favourable angle on the front of the building. We took another look and risk assessed the site and we were happy to conduct a flight with tight cordon control. Using a pilot and 3 ground observer/spotters we controlled small cordons around each side of the site at a time to collect photo and video. We repeated this around the perimeter of the building until we had covered every angle. We also had large empty playing fields to the east of the building that allowed long pull away shots. This way we were able to complete the shoot without over flying any persons, vehicle or building out with our control. We were happy with the result all performed within our existing PFCO and insurance.

14 Aug 2018

Mend Our Mountains 2018 Part 2

Lepe Loop, Hampshire
Lepe Loop, Hampshire

We recently completed more media work with the BMC charity Mend Our Mountains. This time we were glad to be out of the snow and ice and took a road trip around the UK. First to Exmoor and Hampshire to the Chains and Lepe Loop and then to Cadir Idris in North Wales. The later was exciting flying close to the Mach Loop. We did this with full cooperation with the RAF making them fully aware of our activities on the mountain as jets and larger aircraft passed safely along the valley below. Scafell Pike was on the list as well but sadly the weather defeated our schedule, till next time!

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