Why You Need a Roof Inspection?

Roofs come in many shapes, sizes and materials each with their own unique story. But what matters most is that the living spaces underneath stay warm and dry through bad weather. Some reasons for both private and business property owners to perform a roof inspection include:

Bad weather can cause damage to parts of the roof leading to water infiltration through cracks or gaps. Internal structures can be damaged before a leak becomes apparent from below.


Damage may be covered by an existing contractor or manufacturers warranty. It is important to identify damage within the warranty period so any issues can be raised and repaired.


Different types of roofs have different life expectancy depending on their pitch and material. This should be checked annually as part of ongoing monitoring programme.


Regular inspections help highlight problematic areas prone to repeat blockages or damage so they can be scheduled for upgrade.


Rubbish, debris and vegetation cause blocked gutters. Vegetation in particular leads to root damage to membranes and masonry


Birds can block chimneys and gutters when nesting. Identifying frequent nest locations can be used to plan deterents.


Sky Tech came out to inspect our office roof. Sick of waiting for the landlord so I’ll be passing on the findings right away.

The survey showed some holes in our valley zinc that wouldn’t have been spotted otherwise. Also that I need to have the gutters cleaned this year for sure.

Drone pilot was very courteous first making a few of our neighbours aware. Images from survey emailed to our insurer same day.

Our roof has many blind spots looking from the ground. Aerial images allowed us to see some damage we were not aware off.

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